Sherri Williams
Sherri WilliamsPresident
Sherri has been helping businesses save money and succeed since 2008. She was in the inaugural class of Certified Payment Professionals. She is passionate about staying on top of the newest industry standards, what's important to your business and about helping clients succeed. Networking, travel, walking, cooking, volunteering, community relations, helping others is all part of who and what our dabow® president, Sherri Williams, is about. Sherri believes in doing the right thing, whether for the community in which she lives or the dabow® community that we serve.
David Bowles
David BowlesFounder
Founded in 1990 in San Antonio, Texas as an electronic check verification company, dabow® set out to assist merchants in verifying checks presented at the point of sale. Today, we are still passionate about helping our merchants and we have broadened our capabilities to provide a 360° package of services to address the ever expanding needs of your business. We at dabow® are proud of our years of success servicing small businesses and their payment solution needs.

What We Do

dabow® offers card payment solutions with fair pricing and fully transparent practices. We serve businesses of all types, from healthcare practices to hospitality. 

In addition to our core offering of virtual, storefront, ecommerce and nonprofit solutions, dabow® offers a complete line of equipment and productivity solutions, such as our proprietary gateway service (dabowPay), a host of other pci compliant gateway options, VOiP services, Gift Card/Loyalty Programs, ACH Services and more.

dabow® provides excellent customer service, and employs trained and personable professionals.

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Being Involved and Giving Back

Since its inception, dabow has been active in community affairs.  dabow®, has a long history of serving our community and beyond, following in the footsteps of our founder, Sherri Williams is a member of the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce, Celina Chamber of Commerce and the Prosper Chamber of Commerce. Sherri serves on the board of directors on the Melissa Chamber of Commerce. She serves on the Board of the Celina Ladies & Friends and is a member of the Prosper Ladies Association.  
dabow® staff and administration can always be seen actively serving the community and giving back to those in need.
Get Involved NAMI

Embracing Hope, Fighting Stigma:

We, at dabow® are deeply saddened about the emotional and mental health struggles facing so many of our children and adults. As as such we are joining with an organization created to encourage, develop and support educational campaigns and other initiatives to improve understanding of mental illness and ensure access to quality care. Toward the end of 2019, we will be introducing a page on this website regarding these initiatives, our involvement and how you can be involved as well.

We Provide a complete Line of Productivity Suite Products, such as VOiP Services, ACH Services, Gift Card/Loyalty Programs, as well as POS Equipment and Supplies, ECommerce integratoin and Mobile Payment Solutions.
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The Bottom Line

We guarantee superior customer support, the latest technology, and competitive rates. Regardless of the size or type of business, we can provide all merchants—brick and mortar, home-based, or Internet—with an internet with Point of Sale solution.

Business isn’t just about the bottom line, it's about Relationships

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