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Business Services can be easy and convenient. Whether shopping for payment processing or phone service, dabow® can help you get started or get to the next level of business.


Secure Transactions. At dabow® we only partner with processors who strictly follow industry standards. dabow® and it's direct partners are all PCI compliant.


Excellent Customer Service. We are here to help you succeed!


As an entrepeneur it is important to understand all the parts of your business, for instance, a payment processing company handles transactions between two parties, like a merchant and a customer. It does this by sending the payment information, like a credit card, from the customer to the merchant’s bank.  The parts of the process include the customer; the merchant; the payment processor; the payment gateway (sometimes these are included in the processor account); the bank/credit card company of the customer; and the bank of the merchant.

Choosing the right options can make a huge difference in your bottom line. There is a lot of decisions to make when choosing.  We at dabow® are here to help! 
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Numerous studies* have shown that we touch our faces anywhere from 3.6 to 23 times in an hour. What we don’t do

Made in the USA, The Enhanced protection, the Guardiant™  Protective Shield is ideal for essential businesses and retail.

Would you put your janitor in charge of HR? How about accounting? Of course you wouldn’t. You hire based on...

Last month we discussed phone lines and the need to have a dedicated line for your business. dabow® has a variety of

Payment Processing can be Confusing,
We are Here to Help Make it Easy!

dabow® has all the information you need to choose the right payment processing for your business. Small or large, brick and mortar, mobile or online, we can help you with the solution and pricing that will fit.


We have solutions that are right for you.
From our proprietary dabowPay Gateway to Productivity Solutions and POS hardware and accessories.  
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Seamless setup and integration with most shopping carts & website content management systems. We are happy to answer your questions about PCI compliance. 
dabow® and our partners are and remain PCI compliant.

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Smart phone payment processing. Wireless and hassle-free.  Have questions? We can help!
Counter top and Wireless options available, supporting EMV/NFC/Swipe and wireless payments. We also offer Pre-programmed terminals to accept chip cards and Apple/Samsung Pay. Perfect for your brick-and-mortar locations as well as off site events, such as industry conventions. Don't see the equipment you want? Contact us, we have a vast selection!



One of the First to be Certified As a Payment Professionals

dabow® Payment Solutions' President, Sherri Williams, was the second person certified in the United States as a Certified Payment Professional.  Whether you are a Government entity or private medical practice, dabow Payment Solutions is committed to matching you with the right equipment and merchant processing.  

Our support does not end when you sign up for service or purchase equipment. We are here to help you today and in your journey to the highest level of success. As a trusted partner, we will be honest when it comes to the things you need and the things you do not.
After all we succeed together!

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dabow® and our direct partners adhere to strict security standards and are all PCI Compliant

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