Visa Mastercard Settlement Timeline

Visa/MC Settlement

to file a refund claim in the $5.56 billion. 

Visa/MC payment interchange class action settlement. This settlement was granted pre-approval in January of 2019.

Who does this apply to?

Any entity or entities that had a merchant account with Visa/MC credit or debit transactions from 2004-2019. This includes separate locations of entities as well as that had separate merchant accounts. (Franchises, multiple corporate locations, local and regional chains, closed businesses with previous transaction volume). If you are interested in submitting a claim, you can do so for free at the official settlement website linked below. Though the claim form is not yet available, you can pre-register to be notified when it is at the link below.


How much will I get?

  • Any amount received will be a pro-rated refund of the interchange fees paid during the period 2004-2019. While the pro-rata payout formula is unknown at this time, the more fees you incurred (transaction volume) the larger your potential refund. This includes any and all businesses and/or locations that may have had a merchant account during the timeframe 2004-2019.
  • The United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York gave a new pre-approval of the settlement on January 24th, 2019.  No claim forms are available at this time, and no claim-filing deadline exists. No-cost assistance will be available from the Class Administrator and Class Counsel during any claims-filing period. No one is required to sign up with any third-party service in order to participate in any settlement.
  • For additional information regarding the settlement, interested persons may visit, the official court-approved website for this case.


The Court has preliminarily approved a proposed settlement of a maximum of approximately $6.24 billion and a minimum of at least $5.54 billion in a class-action lawsuit, called In re Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation, MDL 1720 (MKB) (JO). The lawsuit is about claims that merchants paid excessive fees to accept Visa and Mastercard cards because Visa and Mastercard, individually, and together with their respective member banks, violated the antitrust laws.

The settlement creates the following Rule 23(b)(3) Settlement Class: All persons, businesses, and other entities that have accepted any Visa-branded Cards and/or Mastercard-Branded Cards in the United States at any time from January 1, 2004, to January 25, 2019, except that the Rule 23(b)(3) Settlement Class shall not include (a) the Dismissed Plaintiffs, (b) the United States government, (c) the named Defendants in this Action or their directors, officers, or members of their families, or (d) financial institutions that have issued Visa-branded Cards or Mastercard-Branded Cards or acquired Visa-branded Card transactions or Mastercard- Branded Card transactions at any time from January 1, 2004, to January 25, 2019. The Dismissed Plaintiffs are plaintiffs that previously settled and dismissed their own lawsuit against a Defendant and entities related to those plaintiffs. If you are uncertain about whether you may be a Dismissed Plaintiff, you should call 1-800-625-6440 or view the list of Dismissed Plaintiffs for more information.

The Notice has important information for merchants that accepted Visa and Mastercard at any time since January 1, 2004. It explains the settlement in a class-action lawsuit. It also explains your rights and options in this case.

For the full terms of the Settlement, you should look at the Superseding and Amended Definitive Class Settlement Agreement of Rule 23(b)(3) Class Plaintiffs and the Defendants and its Appendices (the “Class Settlement Agreement”), available here or by calling 1-800-625-6440. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the Notice or this website and the Class Settlement Agreement, the terms of the Class Settlement Agreement shall control.

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