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Last month we discussed phone lines and the need to have a dedicated line for your business. dabow® has a variety of solutions that will fit your need and budget.  In the same way, your business address (physical or virtual, as in email) needs its own dedicated address. 

Business Essentials: Part 2 in our 5 Part Series
Let ‘s Get Physical

A physical business address doesn’t mean you have to go rent a commercial space for your pet sitting business.  It does mean you need an address that is not your home.  Aside from the obvious security reasons; do you really want someone showing up at your doorstep, where your family resides? You don’t. Period.  Let’s get into your options for a professional business address and what they can provide.

“Brazil has no parties, only acronyms.”   Michel Temer

LLC and 3 More Reasons for a Professional Address
If you are thinking of starting an LLC or incorporating a real commercial business address is essential. A post office box will not protect your home address.   Your contact information filed with your LLC or Corporation is publicly available on the Internet. Anyone can go to your state’s Secretary of State website to search and pull up all the filed information for your LLC/Corporation. If you use your home address for your business address, you have just publicly published where you live to everyone online. (See Let’s get physical above).

  1. Many states require you to use a physical street address to register your LLC or Corporation. PO Boxes are not accepted.
  2. Bank institutions will not accept a PO Box as your principal place of business address. This means that you will not be able to use it to open a new bank account for your business or apply for merchant services to accept credit card payments.
  3. Certain government applications and forms will not allow PO Boxes to be used as your registered address.

“So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life's A Great Balancing Act.…”   Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Oh, The Places You Can Go

Oh, the places you can go, to find your professional address are many.  As our beloved Dr. Seuss has said, “And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed)”.   It’s not really a difficult decision, when you consider your options.


  1. Choose a place that provides an actual street address, not just a box number.
  2. Choose a place that is close your actual location.
  3. Choose a place that accepts packages from all the major delivery services. (USPS, UPS, Fedex)
  4. Choose a place that fits your business. (if you are a freelance blogger, you most likely don’t need a conference room, if you are a tutor you may need a private space, but you may also provide services online. Consider what’s right for your business today and tomorrow.

You Get an Email, You Get an Email, Everyone Gets an Email

At this point you know a professional email, like a professional phone number and business address is a no brainer when it comes to your business.   Getting a branded business email is pretty easy and actually can be pretty cheap.  The first thing you need is a domain name* (costs anywhere from $12 to $16 a year). Next, it’s a matter of choosing the email service you need to connect to that domain.  If you have a website, you may already have access to free email.  If not, email service ranges from $1.66 per month for one email with an adequate amount of space to $6. Per month for Ultimate Business Workspace email at These are workspace email plans. If you are looking for something with more, like an Ultimate Business email Office 365, it will cost about $9.99 a month at  

*Remember you will need a domain name for your business website

You are Here

Commercial space, virtual office, sharing an office or private postal center, basic workspace email or Office 365, they are all good options.

Each provides a professional business address and furthers your brand recognition.   You are Here at the beginning. It is not expensive to be professional from the start but it can be extremely expensive to retrofit that professionalism if you decide to use your home address, email, phone, etc.  Choose wisely.

dabow® payment solutions provide payment processing solutions for brick and mortar, online, ecommerce and on the go businesses.  From gateway and phone service to POS equipment and supplies we have a solution to your payment processing needs.  

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Next Month: POS: What do you really need.

cost effective business phone line

The phone line that will derail business

Are you setting your new business up for failure with short term thinking? If you are using a personal phone line for your business, if so, you are deterring your business growth. In this first of 5-part series, we explore business phone lines, mistakes and solutions to protect your new business.  As a payment processing provider with a passion for supporting our clients and their success, dabow® provides business phone lines with seamless integration.  When considering your business phone line or any business tool, Price may be a major consideration but shouldn’t be the only consideration.  According to Entrepreneur Magazine:

“It is much more important you find solutions that offer the most advantages and fewest disadvantages at an acceptable price – which is not necessarily the cheapest price. Each business decision needs to do what is right for the business for the long term, not simply what is best for the bottom line in the immediate term. “

When you decide to use your mobile or home land line (is that still a thing?) to save money, you are thinking short term, making price your only consideration and setting your business up for failure at worst and deterring business growth at best.

Thinking in the Short-Term will certainly set your new business up for failure. “

Whether you are starting a pet sitting business or the next Amazon, a business phone line is an essential long-term need.  Let’s explore 5 reasons why:

1.     Change is coming:

When business picks up and momentum builds, calls increase and hiring help becomes necessary.  At this point that personal line is now a big problem.  Current customers, vendors and business associates know and call you at that number. Your online advertising, social media work, links, business cards, mailers, etc. are all out there with that number.   

Changing the number to a business line could be devastating. It means contacting every one of your established contacts and hoping they make the change (some will, many won’t), it means the social media and advertising as well as networking work you have put in so far is now problematic as it contains that personal number not your business line. It means losing momentum.

Of course, you could change your personal line, notifying family, friends, personal accounts, providers, etc. The likelihood of forgetting something or someone important is good, not to mention the time it will take away from your business work to update those connections.

The bottom line is this: whether adding a line or adding a feature, making the move after your business has started rolling will certainly leave you with a situation akin to trying to contain the coronavirus after it has left Wuhan. Change is coming, get the proper base tools now.

2.     Give a man Phish and he will buy groceries with your credit card

Phishing scams are more prevalent than ever. Using your personal phone number makes you more vulnerable to threats and loss.  If you are using your personal number online, it is now readily available on the web. Cybercriminals will target you directly.  

What’s to stop them from targeting your business line?  Nothing. However, a VoIP business line such as RingCentral or Ooma, those provided by dabow® mitigates those threat to you and your business. When using a VoIP professional and top-rated business provider you can be assured that those calls are routed through the servers of companies equipped to deal with threats. Protecting you and your business is there business.

3.Spam, Spam, Spam

For small business owners, the impact of spam calls can severely impact revenue. Automated calls blow up your phone keeping real customers from getting through.

“According to Consumer Reports, 3 out of 10 phone calls in the U.S. are pre-recorded marketing messages.”

Each month the FTC and FCC receive more than 150,000 complaints attributed to robocalls. Robocalls are also used by telemarketing fraudsters, totaling losses in the U.S. alone at an estimated $350 million per year. And answered scam calls tag your line for exploitation, regardless of your “do not call registry” status.

«Even though it’s typically illegal for robocallers to contact a consumer who hasn’t given his or her express consent to receive such calls, many robocallers simply ignore the list, betting that the FCC and FTC are too busy to come after them»   Consumer Reports

If your number is compromised due to one of these scams, you may have no other option but to change the number which, like using your personal number, can deter the growth of your business.

4.     “If you want me, just whistle…” 

A personal line makes you overly accessible.  New businesses often believe they must be available 24/7 in order to grow the business.  In addition to looking desperate and unprofessional, customers who become accustomed to reaching you at their whim, effectively chain you to your business, taking away your ability to plan for growth, spend time with family or just enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet.

You work hard, you are entitled to personal time just like your clients. Using your personal number increases the likelihood that your work and personal life will become so intermingled that it will be close to impossible to change.

5.      Leave a message after the tone

Clients can tell the difference between your cell phone’s voicemail and a business voicemail.  Bottom line.  Once a client or potential client calls your business, and realizes your business number is actually a personal cell phone, it will affect how they view your business. Your business needs to appear professional, invest in a business line, it will add to your credibility.


dabow® can help

dabow® will work with you to determine the best and most cost-effective phone solution for your business. Our passion is to provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed. Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) options include flexibility and mobility that you can’t find with traditional landline phones, in addition they feature additional functionality such as – calls, voicemails, messages and more – but at a fraction of the cost. And at dabow® we work with you to insure seamless integration.

Why should I use a VoIP Phone System?

  1. It’s inexpensive:Because VolP uses the internet to complete calls, overhead for VolP companies is far less compared to traditional phones.
  2. It’s easy to install:With VolP, there’s no need for a professional installation – you can set up your virtual phone system on your own in a matter of minutes.  That said dabow® is ready to help when needed.
  3. It’s still got all the features you want:With landlines, you’re limited to basic phone service and usually have to pay for additional features. Enjoy advanced features over a web-based portal at no additional cost.
  4. It’s future-proof:Because VolP systems are built on internet connections, they change with advancements in technology.
  5. And finally, it’s customizable:Everyone has different office phone needs. dabow® has a variety of options for you to choose from to connect communications devices to your phone system: wireless phones, Bluetooth, web apps or mobile phones.
  6. And For those who want business phone system functionality (like setting business hours, routing calls to various extensions, custom voicemail greetings, etc.), an inexpensive service that works with your existing cell phone(s), we can provide business phone resources with low starting
  7. Need a Physical Desk Phone: Business VoIP, if you’d rather use a physical desk phone, hosted business VoIP services are the next step up, dabow® has the solution for you.

Like our payment processing services, dabow® provides your business with the phone system that not only works for you now but will grow with your expanding business. Both RingCentral and Ooma have been named Top Rated Business VoIP providers.  With unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value in one solution, it is easy to set up and manage. Both are made for businesses small and large. Unlimited calling, conferencing, toll-free numbers and customizable caller ID are just a few of the many features available through RingCentral. And upgrades are seamless.


Call dabow® today and secure your business phone.  Stop “Thinking in the Short-Term “, stop using your personal phone line for business.  Take that next step and start protecting the future of your new business.

Next Month: PCI Compliance and Your New Business

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