Payments & POS

Payments & POS

Customization, what does it really mean in terms of point of sale terminal, devices and upgraded operations? If your new business is an auto parts store catering to jeep owners, what you need will be different from the doctors office taking copays at the window.   As a medical office why do I need different equipment or solutions than an auto parts store? And as an auto parts store what devices would I need that a medical office not necessarily need? Starting to get the idea? Let's take it a step further.  The jeep parts business carries inventory. That means that business would be better served by payment systems that integrate with inventory control and tracking systems, that means following resale criteria mandated by your state are an essential part of how you track and sell.  A doctors office on the other hand, rarely carries inventory (with the exception of med spas, which has its own requirements and customizations).Already can you see the different equipment requirements. For retail sites that are not cash register bound, think restaurants that now have payment terminals at the tables or retail that would benefit from handheld devices that can be taken to the customer to complete the transaction and we have another level of customizations. The point is when a payment consulting company like, dabowpay®, says we tailor solutions to your business. We not only consider the obvious but have detailed conversations with you to determine what is suitable. No business wants to spend hundred or thousands of dollars on equipment that will set on a desk or in a closet and not get used. And by the same argument, no business wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and not be able to process a gift card or American Express card if that is the card of choice by your customers. 

Another important factor in customized payment processing solutions is growth.  Speaking to your payment processing consultant regularly lets them know when your business is expanding and requires additional devices and/or upgraded systems with capabilities designed for your expansion.  Your current business growth may just need a few additional payment devices or it may need a new system that recognizes the new trend in payments. Using a payment processing terminal that is compatible with current payment technology can mean the difference between making or losing a sale. Your payment processing terminal should accept NFC (near field communication) payments via a wireless data transfer.  That device can include your smartphone, tablet, smart watch, etc. (Think the recent snowmageddon days in Texas and businesses who lost all power). Your business needs a way to process payments even in a power outage or spotty Wifi.  Most new terminals are NFC equipped and there are older ones that can be modified. If yours isn't, it's time for an upgrade.

What you are ultimately looking for is fast, efficient processing with minimum downtime, regardless of your business type.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and lets create a payment solution that is right for your business and right for your wallet.

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