Mystery and misinformation about credit cards and merchant account programs abound. We hope our Frequently Asked Questions page will take the mystery out of the subject and help you make informed decisions.If you have other questions that are not answered below, please email or call us, and we will reply promptly.

  1. What does PCI stand for? PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard". The full acronym is PCI DSS, but most people just call it PCI for short.
  2. What is PCI? PCI is an industry standard designed to make it safer to use credit cards online by making sure that business collecting credit card data transmit and store it securely. In 2001, Visa created CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) to help protect customers' credit card information. In 2004, CISP gave way to a joint effort among the credit card companies now known as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS  (or PCI for short) developed industry standards for providers and merchants to make sure that cardholder data was being protected when stored and transmitted.
  3. Why is using a PCI-certified provider important? Merchants using a non-PCI certified provider can face some serious fines. Class action lawsuits can be filed, fines of up to $10,000 a month and $500,000 per incident can be imposed; not to mention that if a merchant is found to be incompliant, their ability to process transactions can be revoked. Any one of these results can cripple a business. If you want to be successful online, you need to make sure that your provider is not going to jeopardize your business.  dabow® payments are PCI-compliant by default.
  4. How does a payment provider get PCI certified? PCI certification requires that providers:
    • Install and maintain a firewall
    • Not use vendor supplied defaults for security parameters
    • Protect stored data
    • Encrypt the transmission of sensitive information
    • Use and regularly update anti-virus software
    • Develop and maintain secure systems and applications
    • Restrict access to data on a need-to-know basis
    • Assign a unique ID to each person with access to data
    • Restrict physical access to data
    • Track and monitor all access to data
    • Regularly test security systems and processes
    • Maintain an information security policy
  5. What information do you need to open up a merchant account? In order to open a merchant account, we will need:
    • The legal name of the business,
    • DBA
    • Entity type
    • Copy of the principals driver’s license
    • Articles of Incorporation, LLC, or corporation
    • Copy of voided check where funds should be deposited
    • FEIN number.
    • There will be a few more questions at the time the contract is signed, but this will get us started.
  6. What payment gateways do you use? We are able to use most payment gateways such as, EPN, USAePay, Zeamster, NMI, and of course our own proprietary payment gateway, dabowpay.
  7. Do you sell and repair equipment and supplies? Yes. We have relationships with the manufacurers and distributors. This allows us to save merchants money and time by ordering online, via email, or by phone, and having the product shipped directly to their office.
  8. PCI is overwhelming to us, where can we get assistance in making sure we are compliant? dabow® staff are trained in PCI, and assists each of our clients to ensure they are compliant. You may email to schedule an appointment for assistance. We cannot answer your SAQ for you, but we will help you understand the questions, and make sure you are compliant.
  9. Are there options for which processing platforms we can use? We are able to process with First Data, Tsys, Worldpay, and Vantiv. We believe in giving our clients options so they can grow their business.
  10. Can I integrate my Quick Books, Xero,  CRM, or professional software?  We have open API, and are able to integrate with accounting software, CRM such as Infusionsoft, and other software. Some software companies have their own inhouse processing, and will only allow using their payments. This results in higher fees for the merchant. We are able to work with most software companies.
  11. How do your rates, and service compare to other companies? We are able to match or beat our competitors 100% of the time. 95% of the time we are able to save our clients at least $100.00 a month. With dabow® you will receive personalized support. Our support agents are available via chat box on our website, email, or phone during business hours. You will not have to be transferred, or left holding on the line. After hours, we have a 24/7 support number. Dabow has an A+ rating with the BBB, and in 29 years of business have never had a complaint.
  12. What if I have other questions? Contact us, we are always ready to help.  Our email contact address is:
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