Auto Shops

Auto Shops

Saving you time from repeated emailing, calling, and emailing about those late payments.  Customers are easily distracted by business, family, etc. Those distractions can lead to late payments or even no payment at all.

With electronic payments, your shop receives a notification as soon as the payment clears and they receive a receipt.

Easy Tracking

A huge plus of integrated technology is that it brings all the tools you normally use, customer invoices, customer data, etc into one easy program. With everything in one place, you can even track the services you use the most.

You can even track what the services that you provide the most, allowing a more streamlined inventory and more targeted marketing efforts. By making sales tracking easier, your operations run smoother.

Off-Site Work

Sending your mechanics out into the field can pose payment issues. With an integrated technology system, your technicians can accept payments with mobile card readers and apps.  You can see the payments from your virtual terminal. The mobile solution and virtual terminal integrate and send data in real-time, so you can stay on top of what’s happening off-site and at your shop, all from one place.

By using integrated technologies, the most important parts of your business operations are simplified and streamlined.  Syncing your data and information into one easy and convenient platform means more time for customers and a better bottom line. Manage everything from staff schedules to off-site jobs easily.

See how we make payments simple for your auto repair shop.

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